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A Code of Conduct for Marine Conservation

A group of practitioners and researchers, led by SMEA Research Associate Nathan Bennett with support from SMEA Affiliate Assistant Professor Yoshitaka Ota and Professor Patrick Christie, has called for a marine conservation code of conduct. The recommendations were published May 15 in the journal Marine Policy. The authors of the paper cite a number of social justice, accountability and decision-making principles that could be used for a marine conservation code of conduct. 

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Preferences for Tidal Energy Research and Development

Congratulations to SMEA alumni Hilary Polis (’16) and SMEA Postdoc Stacia Dryer for their recent article published in Ecological Economics. Their article “Public Willingness to Pay and Policy Preferences for Tidal Energy Research and Development: A Study of Households in Washington State” looks at the Puget Sound area in Washington State, which has significant tidal energy resources, but a ways to go to develop the industry. 

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SMEA Welcomes Ramon Gallego

SMEA would like to welcome its newest post-doc Ramon Gallego! Ramon comes to SMEA from the University of Auckland, where he was a Postdoctoral Fellow. Ramon is working with Assistant Professor Ryan Kelly measuring the effects of ocean acidification using environmental DNA. Ramon’s office is on the 2nd floor of the MAR building, Room 235. Stop by and say hello or email him at rgallego@uw.edu. 

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Spatial distribution of environmental DNA in a nearshore marine habitat

Congratulations to SMEA postdoc Jimmy O’Donnell for leading his new paper “Spatial distribution of environmental DNA in a nearshore marine habitat” to publication! Additional authors include SMEA Assistant Professor Ryan Kelly, SMEA alumna Natalie Lowell, and collaborators Jameal Samhouri, Ole Shelton, and Greg Williams. The paper shows that environmental DNA in the nearshore marine environment (in this case Carkeek Park in north Seattle) does not travel very far at all, such that eDNA samples show a very local snapshot of marine biodiversity. 

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Genetic vs. Manual Survey Methods; Different and Complementary Views of an Ecosystem

Congratulations to SMEA Assistant Professor Ryan Kelly, Research Associate Jimmy O’Donnell and second year graduate student Jimmy Kralj on their latest publication in Frontiers in Marine Science titled: “Genetic and Manual Survey Methods Yield Different and Complementary Views of an Ecosystem.” The article published on January 9 compared results of environmental DNA (eDNA) surveys and traditional methods of measuring biodiversity and concludes that in order to confidently interpret eDNA results in the context of existing ecological study, it is necessary to compare the results of eDNA with those of more established methods of ecological sampling. 

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Effective Conservation Projects Consider the people

A paper recently published by Research Associate Nathan Bennett, and co-authored by Professor Patrick Christie and researchers from universities and organizations around the world concludes that in order to increase local support and the effectiveness of conservation, people must be considered. Authors found that oftentimes conservation organizations and activities don’t fully consider the human dimensions of conservation. “When people are ignored and conservation measures are put in, we see opposition, conflict and often failure,” Bennett stated in a UW Today article.  

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National Postdoc Appreciation Week

This week is National Postdoc Appreciation Week and at SMEA we are fortunate to have 3 awesome postdocs; Nathan Bennett, Stacia Dreyer, and Jimmy O’Donnell.
Whether they’re conducting research, publishing papers or mentoring students, our postdocs contribute so much to the success of SMEA! See the great things our postdocs are involved in: PostDoc News
Thank you Nathan, Stacia and Jimmy for all you do! 

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e DNA Reveals Rich Diversity along Puget Sound Shorelines

Congratulations to SMEA Assistant Professor Ryan Kelly, the lead author of the recently published paper “Genetic signatures of ecological diversity along an urbanization gradient.” Kelly and his co-authors, which include SMEA Post-doc Jimmy O’Donnell and SMEA Alum Natalie Lowell, used environmental DNA — or eDNA, and found that urban Puget Sound shorelines support a denser array of animals than in remote areas. 

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Dreyer Receives 2016 Postdoc Mentoring Award

The Office of Postdoctoral Affairs put a call out to all graduate students to nominate a postdoc who has made a difference in their lives. Among the many nominees SMEA Postdoc Stacia Dreyer was awarded the 2016 Postdoc Mentoring Award. Congratulations Stacia! Thank you for your remarkable work and for making a difference for SMEA students. 

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Congratulations to SMEA faculty, post-docs & alumni on latest publications

Congratulations to Professor Eddie Allison, Post-Doc Nathan Bennett, Professor Nives Dolsak, Assistant Professor Ryan Kelly, SMEA Alumna Natalie Lowell, Post-Doc Jimmy O’Donnell and SMEA Alumni Jesse Port on their publications that have come out winter quarter covering a variety of topics in marine and environmental affairs.
Christophe Bene, Robert Arthur, Hannah Norbury, Edward H. Allison, Malcolm Beveridge, Simon Bush, Liam Campling, Will Leschen, David Little, Dale Squires, Shakuntala H. 

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