We research, study and teach at the intersection of science and public policy.

SMEA offers a two-year, in-residence graduate program that leads to the Master of Marine Affairs degree. The field is a multi-disciplinary field with strong traditions in both practice and scholarship, and is increasingly integrative in recognition of the fact that viewing human society and institutions as parts of ecosystems seems necessary in order to better understand and respond to environmental problems.

SMEA students take courses across an interdisciplinary spectrum that leads to a well-rounded understanding of the field and the skills and abilities necessary to work effectively in marine and environmental affairs related careers.

SMEA offers two curriculum tracks for completion of the MMA degree: the Professional track in which students can choose a course-only option or a capstone project option, and the thesis track. All students must complete a total of 59 credits to graduate.

In addition to core classes and elective classes, professional track students will either complete an applied capstone project worth 9 credits of coursework, or complete 9 credits of elective courses, while thesis track students will perform research leading to a scholarly publication worth 15 credits of coursework.

By offering more choices to students for structuring their graduate degree according to their professional aspirations and interests, SMEA is better meeting the needs of today’s MMA students.

Please read more about our curriculum, our research areas, and our faculty, and if you’re ready to apply, our admissions process.

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