Policy Pivot in Puget Sound

SMEA Professors Patrick Christie and David Fluharty, SMEA alumna Haley Kennard and co-authors recently published a paper in Ocean & Coastal Management titled “Policy pivot in Puget Sound: Lessons learned from marine protected areas and tribally-led estuarine restoration.” The paper’s authors examine two approaches to restore the Puget Sound basin in light of multiple drivers of change that place an accelerating squeeze on marine and coastal habitats and limit their ability to provide ecosystem services; Marine Protected Area (MPA) designation and estuary restoration (ER). 

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Congratulations SMEA Class of 2018!

On Thursday, June 7, the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs held its graduation ceremony in the Fishery Sciences Auditorium. A welcome was given by SMEA Director, Terrie Klinger, followed by opening remarks from the College of the Environment Dean, Lisa J. Graumlich. The keynote address was delivered by Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies, Emeritus, Williams College and former Program Officer for Science at the Packard Foundation, Dr. 

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2018-19 Alaska Sea Grant State Fellows

Alaska Sea Grant recently announced the six graduate students that were selected to spend a year working with state and federal agencies to support healthy coastal communities and the marine environment. Three of the six 2018-19 State Fellows are SMEA students; Nyssa Baechler, Diana Perry, and Kayla Schommer. The fellowships strengthen Alaska’s workforce by cultivating future professionals working in marine science and policy, fisheries, and related disciplines. 

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What Amazon owes Seattle’s homeless is a matter of debate

SMEA Professor and Associate Director Nives Dolšak and UW Director of the Center for Environmental Politics Aseem Prakash recently wrote an article featured on The Hill titled, “What Amazon owes Seattle’s homeless is a matter of debate.” The article discusses the debate on Seattle’s homeless tax, which the authors believe provokes an important question: What responsibility do companies have toward the communities in which they function? 

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Simply Science

Currents is SMEA’s student-run blog dedicated to sharing timely and relevant discussions of pressing environmental issues, particularly in regards to marine and coastal systems and the interactions between humans and nature. Throughout the school year these students write posts about topics they find interesting and relevant in ocean science and policy. For the month of May they decided to try something a little different; they are running a series they’ve titled Simply Science. 

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Q & A with Colin Bowser

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Marine Affairs?
I wanted to orient my profession towards applied ocean science and saw a program that was broader than pure oceanography to be a good way to put the science that I enjoy to good work. At this point in my life, I couldn’t reasonably invest the time required for a PhD and I knew I would not be fulfilled by going in a direction that strayed far from ocean science. 

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SMEA Thesis & Capstone Presentations

Please join SMEA on Friday, May 11 and Friday, May 18 in the Marine Studies Building (MAR 168) as our graduating students present their thesis and capstone projects. A reception featuring beer, wine, and appetizers will follow the last presentation on each day in the upstairs student lounge. We hope to see you there!

May 11


10:00 AM
Charlene Vasquez
Nives Dolsak
Sea Level Rise Capstone

10:20 AM
Brandon Ray
Nives Dolsak
Framing Arctic Renewable Energy

10:40 AM
Kaitlin Lebon
Ryan Kelly
Tangled up and blue: evaluating alternatives to reduce whale entanglements in commercial Dungeness crab fishing gear

11:00 AM
Danielle Edelman
Dave Fluharty
Regulatory barriers to native oyster restoration in Washington

11:20 AM
Mackenzie Nelson
Terrie Klinger
If we build it, will they come? 

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Q & A with Alumna Melissa Luna

Alumna Melissa Luna graduated from the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs in 2014 and is now a Social and Environmental Impact Officer at Playa Viva Sustainable Boutique Hotel in Mexico. We had a chance to catch up with Melissa and hear about her job, her time at SMEA, and advice she has for current SMEA students.
Can you give us a brief description of what you do for Playa Viva Sustainable Boutique Hotel? 

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Environmentalists need to reconnect with blue-collar America

SMEA Professor and Associate Director Nives Dolšak and UW Director of the Center for Environmental Politics Aseem Prakash recently wrote an article featured on The Hill titled, “Environmentalists need to reconnect with blue-collar America.” The article discusses communities with economies that in some way depend on fossil fuels, such as coal country. These communities feel that they carry the unfair burden of “rescuing the polar bear from the melting of the Arctic.” Dolšak and Prakash think environmentalists need to reconnect with blue-collar America. 

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Q & A with Priscilla Rivas

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Marine Affairs?
I have always been drawn to the ocean, and so I started my undergraduate education as a Marine Biology major. I switched to Marine Affairs about halfway through, and loved all of the classes I got to take relating to policy. As graduation got closer, I realized there was so much more about the field I wanted to learn about, and began researching Marine Affairs graduate programs! 

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