Skrobe ’20 Wins Film Festival Audience Award

They Keep Quiet So We Make Noise, the directorial debut of Marlena Skrobe ’20 has been awarded the Audience Award for Best Documentary Short for the 2021 Washington DC Environmental Film Festival. The festival, whose mission is “to advance understanding and stewardship of the environment through the power of film”, is celebrating its 29th year, and is being held virtually due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. 

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Achieving a successful, equitable ‘Blue Economy’

The future of an equitable and sustainable global ocean, or “Blue Economy,” depends on more than natural or technological resources. A new study finds that socioeconomic and governance conditions such as national stability, corruption and human rights greatly affect different regions’ ability to achieve a Blue Economy — one that is socially equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically viable.
A paper published March 17 in Nature by the University of Washington-based Nippon Foundation Ocean Nexus Center suggests how different parts of the world might begin to achieve these goals. 

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How Groundfish Predators Coexist in Alaskan Waters

New research, led by School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences (SAFS) Postdoctoral Scholar Cheryl Barnes, School of Marine & Environmental Affairs (SMEA) Associate Professor Anne Beaudreau, and Richard Yamada from Alaska Reel Adventures, helps us better understand how large, toothy flatfish such as Pacific halibut and arrowtooth flounder coexist. Pacific halibut and arrowtooth flounder have a reputation for being voracious predators and may compete with each other for food and space. 

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Q&A with Lindsey Popken

Why did you decide to pursue a Master of Marine Affairs?
While working as an environmental consultant for industrial companies, I grew to respect the work but realized it was not for me. I was working on a sea otter-related thesis at UC Davis, but it was difficult to research a really interesting facet of marine affairs at a landlocked university! 

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SMEA Students Present Capstone Projects

Students completing the Capstone Track in their Master’s of Marine Affairs program will be delivering their findings and final report to the School of Marine & Environmental Affairs community this Friday (March 5th).
After a year of preparation, research, analysis, and reporting, Capstone projects culminate in a 25-30 minute presentation where the Capstone Project Team delivers their work to the client. 

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SMEA March Faculty Meeting

The School of Marine & Environmental Affairs will hold its next faculty meeting on Thursday, March 4, 12:00 – 1:30 pm. Please see below for details on how to join;
Zoom Online Meeting
Phone In
Meeting ID: 931 1047 0939
Passcode: 065631
 A copy of the meeting agenda can be found here. Please contact Jackie Chapman ( for more information. 

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Mellon Grant Awarded to Project to Create Anti-Racism Education

SMEA Professor Cleo Woelfle-Erskine, at the invitation of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has become a partner in a major new grant-funded project sponsored by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. As part of the foundation’s Just Futures Initiative, “Humanities Education for Anti-racism Literacy (HEAL) in the Sciences and Medicine (STEMM). He joins co-PIs Cheryl Bauer-Armstrong (Native Education); Christy Clark-Pujara (Higher Education); Elizabeth Hennessy (Coordinator and Higher Education); R. 

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Q&A with Katie Shelledy

Could you describe your experience in applying to and selecting a graduate program?
When I applied for graduate school, I was working as a junior acoustician with NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center. I looked at a bunch of schools and programs, and my main criteria were 1) interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary ocean-focused program and 2) located in a coastal city. Most of my training and experience at that point was skewed toward natural science, and I had been living in kind of isolated areas for the past 6 years (college in central Pennsylvania and a 2-year research gig without a car in Highlands, NJ). 

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Successful Establishment of Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries

SMEA affiliate professor Dr. Amber Himes-Cornell and alumna Kathryn (Katy) Dalton, along with co-authors Juan Francisco Lechuga Sánchez and Rebecca Metzner of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization collaborated to publish a review on the enabling conditions necessary to ensure successful establishment of territorial use rights for fisheries (TURFs). Allocating or recognizing fishing tenure rights via TURFs can lead to a wide array of social, economic, and ecological responses, both positive and negative. 

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SMEA Environmental Justice Speakers Series

Please join us via Zoom on Thursday, March 11, 12:00-1:00pm PST when Dr. C.N.E. Corbin will be presenting “In Red, Black, and Green: The Political Ecological Eras of Oakland, California 1937-2020.”  This will be the last presentation for Winter Quarter 2021 in the SMEA Environmental Justice Speakers Series.
Dr. Corbin will share her work in examining Urban Environmental Policy and Practice and its intersection with Environmental Justice. 

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