Jackie Chapman

Jackie is SMEA’s Assistant to the Director. She started at the UW in 2013 and joined SMEA in the spring of 2015. Her responsibilities involve the management of academic and staff human resources, including appointments, recruitments, visa applications and renewals, as well as assisting SMEA’s Director with a variety of projects. Jackie’s office is in the SMEA main office, room 113 of the Marine Studies Building. Jackie can be reached at (206) 543-4448 or jachap@uw.edu.

Tiffany Dion

Tiffany is SMEA’s Graduate Program Advisor.  She began at the UW in 2011 and has been with SMEA since 2013. Her responsibilities include advising prospective students starting with the application process on through new student orientation, as well as advising current students on the program of studies, course registration, and graduation requirements. Additionally, she works with faculty in course planning and scholarship awards. She works part-time for SMEA and part-time for the IGERT Program on Ocean Change. Tiffany’s office is in the SMEA main office, room 107 of the Marine Studies Building. You can reach her at (206) 543-0106 or tlcdion@uw.edu.

Suanty Kaghan

Suanty is SMEA’s Administrative Specialist. She has been with the School since 1989. Her primary responsibilities at SMEA involve fiscal and administrative management and include budgeting, purchasing, travel, proposal submission, payroll, work-study supervision, and building coordination. Suanty’s office is in the SMEA main office, room 105 of the Marine Studies Building. She can be reached at (206) 543-4392 or skaghan@uw.edu.

Nick Wehner

Nick, a 2011 graduate of SMEA, is SMEA’s resident IT guru and problem solver. In addition, he works full-time for OpenChannels.org, a comprehensive source for news, guidance, and community discussion on sustainable practices in ocean planning and management. Nick’s office is in the SMEA main office, room 103 of the Marine Studies Building. Nick can be reached at (206) 543-4280 or nwehner@uw.edu.

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