Nives Dolšak, Ph.D.

Professor, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

Director, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs

Stan and Alta Barer Professor in Sustainability Science

Research areas

Nives Dolšak studies how common pool resources are governed. She looks at the role of community action, social capital, market-based instruments, as well as traditional regulatory policies. Her research has examined these issues in the context of Washington State, the United States, Eastern and Central Europe, as well as the whole world. A special area of focus is on global climate change policies that have been developed and implemented from the local to international level. Regionally she studies collaborative salmon management through Washington Sea Grant funded research, and serves as a member of the Puget Sound Partnership’s Science Panel. Dr. Dolšak received her Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy and International Relations from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Dr. Dolšak teaches:

  • SMEA 507: International Organizations and Ocean Management
  • SMEA 519: Marine Policy Analysis
  • SMEA 521: Governmental Responses to Global Climate Change
  • SMEA 530: Economic Development and the Environment

Selected publications

Refereed Books

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Elinor Ostrom, Thomas Dietz, Nives Dolšak, Paul Stern, Susan Stonich, and Elke Weber (editors). 2002. The Drama of the Commons. Washington D.C.: National Academy Press.

Refereed Journal Articles

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