SMEA Students at Portage BayIn the School of Marine & Environmental Affairs as well as the College of the Environment, diversity expands our collective perspective.  Beyond the dimensions of race or gender, diversity must involve the active engagement of peoples and their systems of knowledge, activities, experiences and ideas.  We invite discourse through exchange and debate, as inclusion is the journey we travel to understand the roots of our identities and disciplines, and recognize how our scholarship affects, and is shaped by, society and culture.  We celebrate disciplinary depth, and require breadth and innovation.  We believe that unbounded inclusion is the foundation of effective interdisciplinarity.  As we broaden our community, we strengthen our ability to identify key issues, frame questions, and bound problems that span earth science, natural resources and human dimensions.  Diversity, in all its forms, is not only desirable, but also required, for advancing our understanding of the environment and arriving at solutions that allow science to more effectively serve all of humanity.

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