Faculty active in this research area:

Please see individual faculty web pages for more about their work in this area.

Related SMEA courses:

  • SMEA 500: Human Dimensions of Global Change
  • SMEA 510: Topics in Marine Ecology
  • SMEA 514: Marine Pollution Management and Policy
  • Other relevant courses are offered through the College of the Environment certificate programs for Environmental Management and Restoration Ecology

Examples of what MMA students do in this research area:

  • learn theory and practice of coastal and environmental restoration
  • connect with restoration practice in Puget Sound and the Pacific Northwest
  • understand how science and society interconnect through restoration policy and planning
  • learn how scientific communities communicate about restoration

Examples of related MMA student theses:

  • Freeman, Rachel. 2017. Drinking Water Qulaity in Seatlle Public Schools: A Case of Environmental Equity.
  • Blair, Kathryn. 2017. Creating a harmful algal bloom community impact index from secondary sources.
  • Bagley, Ashley. 2019. Evaluating temperature buffering capacity of floodplain side channels to promote refugia for salmonoids in the Stillaguamish River Basin.
  • Farquhar, Samantha. 2019. Implications of ‘other effective area-based conservation measures’ for marine conservation.
  • Otsuka, Karin. 2020. Are we obligated to care about the ocean? The dichotomous perceptions of marine debris in Miyako, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

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