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Four adult humans sit on a stage dressed in business attire in front of a Microsoft backdrop.

Local Tech Giants & Climate Leadership

SMEA Director and Stan and Alta Barer Professor in Sustainability Science, Nives Dolsak co-authored a piece for Forbes alongside Aseem Prakash, the Walker Family Professor and the Director of the Center for Environmental Politics here at the University of Washington. According to Dolsak and Prakash, Microsoft has set ambitious targets, which if reached, would mean the company might become “Carbon Negative”. 

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A small dive boat pulls up to a sandy beach in Palau. There are about 6 people on the dive boat, and one person standing on the beach.

Working Group Supports Palau to Create Marine Protected Area

SMEA Faculty member Dr. Patrick Christie participated, as one of two social scientists, in a diverse working group organized by the Palaua International Coral Reef Center and Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions. His role was to provide guidance, drawing from his extensive work in other contexts, on the human dimensions of marine protected area (MPA) planning, program monitoring and evaluation, and public engagement—all elements that determine the success of any MPA. 

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Turn Holiday Shopping Green By Gifting Tree Certificates Instead Of More ‘Stuff’

SMEA Professor and Director Nives Dolšak and UW Director of the Center for Environmental Politics Aseem Prakash recently wrote an article for Forbes encouraging consumers to rethink their usual gift giving this holiday season and consider giving back to nature. Rampant consumerism contributes to overconsumption which shows up in groundwater depletion, deforestation, and river and ocean pollution. People should buy less, but buying less is not enough, according to Dolšak and Prakash “We should also buy right, especially when buying is geared towards gift giving. 

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