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SMEA Alum Kicks Off Winter Series

This quarter’s SMEA Environmental Justice Speakers Series will begin on Thursday, January 21st from 12:00pm to 1:00pm via Zoom.
Michael Jacobson first went to Taiwan in 1986, returned in 1994-5, and in 2018 spent 3 months living in Taiwan’s indigenous communities. For 30 years he pursued and finally rescued two Tao (Yami) fishing boats called tatala from a restaurant in Seattle and went to Orchid Island to learn about contemporary Tao culture. 

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Marine-Related Learning Networks: Shifting the Paradigm Toward Collaborative Ocean Governance

Congratulations are in order for SMEA capstone alums Katy Dalton, Marlena Skrobe, Henry Bell, Benjamin Kantner, and Dave Berndtson, SMEA Professor Patrick Christie, and their Brazilian collaborators, including Dr. Leopoldo Gerhardinger, on their newly published paper “Marine-Related Learning Networks: Shifting the Paradigm Toward Collaborative Ocean Governance” published in Frontiers in Marine Science. The paper is a result of the first internationally-focused SMEA capstone, and the collaboration helps solidify connections between SMEA and Brazilian capstone counterparts who are fostering large and impactful learning networks there. 

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Graphic for the SMEA Environmental Justice Speakers Series.

Fall Environmental Justice Speakers Series to Begin

The School of Marine & Environmental Affairs is excited to launch their Fall Quarter Environmental Justice Speakers Series beginning with the first talk on October 15th.
The series this quarter features a variety of speakers all of whom will address unique aspects of environmental justice from their work, research, and/or advocacy. Each talk takes place on a Thursday from 12:00-1:00pm PST via Zoom. 

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