A Note About SMEA Mailing Lists

All messages sent to the SMEA listservs MUST be sent from a UW email address. If you try to send a message from a Gmail, Yahoo, etc. account the message will not post. Additionally, it will send notifications that a spammer is attacking the list and your email account will be banned from future postings. Only send email to the SMEA listservs from an @uw.edu email address!

If you have your UW email forwarded to your own personal email account, make sure that your forwarding account is properly configured to send messages on behalf of your UW email account (your_uw_net_id@uw.edu).

Configuring Gmail Forwarding

If you have your UW email forwarded to Gmail (not UW Google Apps) make sure you follow these instructions to allow Gmail to send messages on behalf of your…@uw.edu.

  1. Log into your Gmail account and click “Settings”
  2. Click the “Accounts and Import” tab
  3. Under “Send mail as:” click “Send mail from another address”
  4. Type in your UW email address (your…@uw.edu)…don’t use @u.washington.edu, as this may cause some issues
  5. Click “Specify a different ‘reply-to’ address” and type in your UW email address again
  6. Click “Next Step” (to send messages through the Google servers)
  7. Click “Send Verification”
  8. Click “Close window”
  9. Open your Gmail account and look for an email from Gmail Team (mail-noreply@google.com) with the subject “Gmail Confirmation – Send Mail as ….” Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see the email within five minutes or so
  10. Click the link within the email to activate settings (a new window will open in your web browser saying “Confirmation Success!”)

When you compose a new message in Gmail, you’ll notice a new “From:” drop-down box at the top of your message. Select your @uw.edu account to send email from Gmail as though it was sent from your…@uw.edu. Additionally, you can default to your UW account under the Accounts and Import tab.


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