The MMA degree is student funded which is what gives our students the flexibility to research the topics of their choosing, rather than being required to work on an advisor’s grant-funded project. To assist students with the cost of their education we encourage all students to apply for financial aid as well as seek out available fellowships, teaching assistantships, and hourly appointments. The department also has some limited funding to offer incoming students (please refer to the Funding Opportunities section for more information).

Graduate student tuition for the 2020-2021 academic year (Autumn, Winter and Spring Quarters) is:

Credits Resident Non-Resident
Full time $19,512 $34,107

Summer Quarter attendance is optional for SMEA students. Tuition is always subject to change. Check the UW Student Fiscal Services for more information.

Cost of Living

Living expenses vary widely among individuals. In general, however, graduate students should budget approximately $2,500 per month for living expenses (books, room and board, personal items and transportation) for 9 months. International students should plan for $47,751 per year, which includes tuition, fees and living expenses for four quarters (summer included). In addition, another $11,573 should be budgeted per year for a dependent/spouse and $8,054 for each child.

Quoted amounts are subject to change and one should be prepared for adjustments without notice.

Please see additional information for links to on-campus and off-campus housing resources.

Financial Aid

The SMEA office does not handle financial aid. Loans and work-study based on financial need are coordinated by the Office of Student Financial Aid. Students may contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at or students can get more information from their Website. Applicants should be sure to fill out the FAFSA online at as early as possible, selecting “University of Washington-Seattle” Code 003798 in Step 6 of the application.

 Washington State Residency Waiver

Please visit the web site for the Residency Office within the Office of the University Registrar for more information about establishing residency in the State of Washington. You can also contact them using the information below:

Residency Classification Office
264 Schmitz Hall
Box 355850 University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195

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