Students to Present Thesis Work

On Friday, May 8th and Friday, June 5th, students in the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs will offer their findings in their final thesis presentations. Students have been conducting their research for over a year under the guidance of their faculty advisor, as well as other faculty members and industry professionals.

Those presenting on May 8th, including links to their Zoom presentation are below:

Time Slot Student Name Thesis Title Advisor/Committee
9:40 Charlotte Dohrn Olympia oyster restoration: habitat suitability and climate considerations Terrie Klinger/Sunny Jardine
10:00 Emily Buckner Community Science and Stable Isotopes Analysis: Investigating Spatial Foraging Patterns of a Puget Sound Seabird Terrie Klinger/Ryan Kelly/Paul Chittaro
10:20 Chris Dailey Regional and climate-driven factors affecting the timing of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) smolt migrations in Alaska Terrie Klinger/Tom Quinn
10:40 Abby Jahn Do Pacific Salmon Hatchery Programs Work for Their Intended Purpose? Dave Fluharty/Tom Quinn
11:00 Karin Otsuka Are we obligated to care about the ocean? Dichotomous perceptions of marine debris in Miyako, Okinawa, Japan Yoshitaka Ota/David Fluharty/Mary Baker
11:20 Nick Nagengast Modeling Recreational Effort in Wisconsin’s Walleye Lakes Sunny Jardine/Alan Haynie
1:40 Jenna Harlacher Whale what do we have here? Evidence of microplastics in top predators: analysis of two populations of Resident killer whales fecal samples Ryan Kelly/Kim Parsons
2:00 Sarah Montgomery Eulachon ocean ecology: developing a model for abundance Cleo Woelfle-Erskine/Robert Anderson (NOAA)
2:20 Manjari Misra Experiencing tentacle difficulties? SWOT it out! A Swot Analysis on the Giant Pacific Octopus Marine Conservation Tourism programs at the Seattle Aquarium Prof. Marc L. Miller/ Prof. Apurva Jain
2:40 Jess O’Toole Anthrozoology and Public Perception: People and Great White Sharks (Carcharondon carcharias) on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA Marc L. Miller/ Vincent Gallucci
3:40 TJ Kennedy Risk of Ship Strike and Noise to Cetaceans in the Bering Strait Dave Fluharty/Bob Pavia
4:00 Taiki Ogawa Recommendations for effective Individaul Quota system in Japan based on the experience from Iceland, Norway, New Zealand, and the United States David Fluharty