Congratulations SMEA Class of 2018!

On Thursday, June 7, the School of Marine and Environmental Affairs held its graduation ceremony in the Fishery Sciences Auditorium. A welcome was given by SMEA Director, Terrie Klinger, followed by opening remarks from the College of the Environment Dean, Lisa J. Graumlich. The keynote address was delivered by Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies, Emeritus, Williams College and former Program Officer for Science at the Packard Foundation, Dr. Kai Lee. Graduating students Valerie Cleland and Danielle Edelman, who were nominated as their class’s speakers, also gave speeches. 23 students participated in the ceremony and 34 students will receive their MMA degrees in 2018. Congratulations SMEA Class of 2018!

2018 Graduate Research Titles

Emily Crigler – “Subcontracting on the sea: vessel chartering and its implications for tuna conservation efforts in the Western and Central Pacific ocean” (Chair: Eddie Allison)

Thao Huynh – “Improving the Sustainability of Sablefish Aquaculture via Testing Methodology for Reproductive Sterilization” (Chair: Eddie Allison)

Lily Zhao – “Tracking the trade of octopus in East Africa and onto the global market” (Chair: Eddie Allison)

Brittany Flittner – “Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone” (Chair: Eddie Allison)

Kadie McShirley – “Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone” (Chair: Eddie Allison)

Henry Peterson – “Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone” (Chair: Eddie Allison) 

Emily Rhoades – “Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone” (Chair: Eddie Allison) 

Valerie ClelandAssessing changes in crude oil exports for the West Coast and Salish Sea (oil exports capstone with NOAA)” (Chair: Mary Baker)

Kiersten DallstreamPreliminary Cost and Economic Performance Assessment of Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics at the Snohomish County, Washington’s Tulalip Tribe’s “Big Flats” Site” (Chair: Patrick Christie)

James Roubal – “Communicating Sea Level Rise Risks in King County to Vulnerable Populations” (Chair: Nives Dolsak)

Charlene Vasquez – “Communicating Sea Level Rise Risks in King County to Vulnerable Populations” (Chair: Nives Dolsak)

Danielle Edelman – “Navigating the regulatory barriers to native oyster restoration in Washington: A Decision Analysis Approach” (Chair: David Fluharty)

Kanae Komaki – “Options to improve transparency and effectiveness in the monitoring system for polymetallic nodules mining in the Area” (Chair: David Fluharty)

Diana Perry – “A Statistical Analysis of the Impacts of Management Decisions on the Distribution of Catch in the California Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery” (Chair: Sunny Jardine)

Nyssa Baechler – “Do smolt data improve adult sockeye salmon forecasting models in the Chignik Management Area?” (Chair: Ryan Kelly)

Kaitlin Lebon – “Tangled up and blue: evaluating alternatives to reduce whale entanglements in commercial Dungeness crab fishing gear” (Chair: Ryan Kelly)

Dana Oathout – GIS and Remote Sensing (Courses Only, Chair: Ryan Kelly) 

Katherine Keil – “Estimating relative sensitivities of plankton to ocean acidification to observations in situ” (Chair: Terrie Klinger) 

Julie Ann Koehlinger – “Temperature Anomalies in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary and the Influence of Winds and Currents during the 2013-2014 Northeast Pacific Marine Heat Wave and 2015 El Niño” (Chair: Terrie Klinger) 

Mackenzie Nelson – “If we build it, will they come? An evaluation of the effects of beach nourishment projects on beach attendance in Southern California” (Chair: Terrie Klinger)

Allison Brown – “Conservation Communication and Photography:Conversations with Marine Conservation Photographers” (Chair: Marc Miller)  

Bryan Pelach – “Beach Town Tourism: The Smooth and Striated Dynamics of Pacific Beach, California” (Chair: Marc Miller) 

Alexandra Gustafon – “Visualization and analysis of the Salmon Creek watershed for resource managers and community outreach” (Chair: Cleo Woelfle-Erskine)