Simply Science

Currents is SMEA’s student-run blog dedicated to sharing timely and relevant discussions of pressing environmental issues, particularly in regards to marine and coastal systems and the interactions between humans and nature. Throughout the school year these students write posts about topics they find interesting and relevant in ocean science and policy. For the month of May they decided to try something a little different; they are running a series they’ve titled Simply Science. Each post takes an ocean science topic and explains it in words most people normally use. These posts present the exciting things SMEA students learn in basic terms. Simply the science.

Simply Science: Coral Bleaching










Simply Science: Dog Teams and Feces: The Unlikely Heroes of Orca Conservation










Simply Science: Ghosts under the oyster bed: why the Washington Department of Ecology rejected a new pesticide for oyster farms










Simply Science: How the ocean gives us every other breath










Check back every Monday during the school year for a new Current’s post!