Summer Adventures as a NOAA intern

Hawaiian monk seal pup (born in July) and his mom, they’re my favorite animal.

Written by: Charlene Vasquez

I have spent my summer in Honolulu, Hawai’i as a NOAA Pathways Intern. The purpose of my internship was to write a draft of the Mariana Trench Marine National Monument Ecosystem Science Plan. There was a draft written in 2011, but a lot changes in 6 years, so it needed to be updated. It also needed to be reorganized and a lot of sections rewritten. My days have been spent at a computer doing a literature review and writing about the topics of the marine environment, marine biology, anthropogenic and natural impacts, and human dimensions.


Me at the Waikiki aquarium with my friend Moriah in the tank, she is an employee there.
Sunset in north shore

I have been able to get out from behind the desk to attend various science seminars, take a trip to the Honolulu fish auction, take a tour of the NOAA ship Hi’ialakai, and help with the NOAA Science Camp. I also presented my project at the NOAA Summer Intern Symposium. On my time off I have enjoyed going to the beach, the aquarium, eating at all my favorite foods, seeing Hawaiian monk seals, sailing from Maui to O’ahu, and numerous other adventures. It has been great being back in Hawai’i. Overall this has been a really great opportunity!