Committing to socially responsible seafood

Small-scale fishers in Thailand heading offshore in search of fish. Nathan Bennett

Congratulations to SMEA Professor Eddie Allison, Research Associate Nathan Bennett, Affiliate Assistant Professor Yoshitaka Ota and their co-authors on their latest article “Committing to socially responsible seafood” published in Science. The article discusses a comprehensive framework for social responsibility developed by the authors that responds to a need for alignment around a shared, transdisciplinary approach. Their framework, which is informed by practical experience from organizations and experts that work in the seafood sector and is supported by a strong legal and policy basis for implementation, comprises three components: (i) protecting human rights and dignity and respecting access to resources, (ii) ensuring equality and equitable opportunities to benefit, and (iii) improving food and livelihood security. In a UW Today article, Professor Allison stated, “This paper stresses that if we are serious about social responsibility in our food systems, we need to go beyond dealing with the ‘worst-case’ headlines of ‘slavery at sea. We argue that committing to sustainable seafood sourcing and supply is also about ensuring people who work in the food business ― whether as harvesters or processors and packers ― have decent work. It is also about ensuring communities who rely on the sea economically and culturally, particularly coastal indigenous communities, don’t have their harvest rights appropriated by powerful outside interests.”

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