David Fluharty, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Marine & Environmental Affairs

Associate Director, School of Marine & Environmental Affairs

Research areas

David Fluharty studies marine resource management and policy. His research and teaching examines ways to take ecosystem-based approaches to the management of fisheries, marine protected areas and in marine spatial planning. He studies the regional effects of climate change on societies in the Pacific Northwest, and with respect to fisheries management in the Arctic and elsewhere. In addition, Fluharty has a distinguished record of public service on issues both national and global. He has either chaired or sat on numerous boards and committees for, among others, NOAA and the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council and consulted on projects from West Africa to the Yellow Sea. His service was recognized in 2013 with the College of the Environment’s Outstanding Public Service Award. Dr. Fluharty received his Ph.D. in Natural Resource Conservation and Planning from the University of Michigan.

Dr. Fluharty teaches:

  • SMEA 539: US Fisheries Management and Policy
  • SMEA 570: Thesis Presentation

Selected publications

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