Latest SMEA Publications

Check out these recent publications from SMEA faculty, staff and alumni!

A halo of reduced dinoflagellate abundances in and around eelgrass beds was published by SMEA staff member Emily Jacobs-Palmer, alumna Kelly Cribari, Associate Professor Ryan Kelly, and colleagues in collaboration with the Washington Department of Natural Resources. The findings suggest that eelgrass seems to knock down (sometimes toxic) dinoflagellate populations at a distance.

SMEA alumna Claire Dawson was a co-author on the paper A review of inclusive business models and their application in aquaculture development. Addressing inequalities and making business more inclusive are key imperative to meet sustainable development goals. The paper brings together key ideas in development economics, business studies and aquaculture with the aim of identifying ways to make the fast-growing aquaculture industry a contributor (rather than a threat) to the livelihoods of millions of small-holder farmers and small-scale fish traders around the world. The work was conducted as part of Claire’s internship with WorldFish in Penang, Malaysia while studying at SMEA.