SMEA Thesis & Capstone Presentations

Please join SMEA on Friday, May 11 and Friday, May 18 in the Marine Studies Building (MAR 168) as our graduating students present their thesis and capstone projects. A reception featuring beer, wine, and appetizers will follow the last presentation on each day in the upstairs student lounge. We hope to see you there!

May 11
FRIDAY Advisor/Committee Title
10:00 AM Charlene Vasquez Nives Dolsak Sea Level Rise Capstone
10:20 AM Brandon Ray Nives Dolsak Framing Arctic Renewable Energy
10:40 AM Kaitlin Lebon Ryan Kelly Tangled up and blue: evaluating alternatives to reduce whale entanglements in commercial Dungeness crab fishing gear
11:00 AM Danielle Edelman Dave Fluharty Regulatory barriers to native oyster restoration in Washington
11:20 AM Mackenzie Nelson Terrie Klinger If we build it, will they come?
11:40 AM Kayla Schommer Terrie Klinger Subsistence in the Copper River Basin and Prince William Sound, Alaska: A Statistical Analysis Determining the Effectiveness of Subsistence Resource Management for Chinook and Sockeye Salmon.
1:00 PM Brittany Flittner Eddie Allison Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone
1:10 PM Kadie McShirley Eddie Allison Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone
1:20 PM Henry Peterson Eddie Allison Seattle’s Sustainable Seafood Landscape Capstone
2:00 PM Julie Ann Koehlinger Terrie Klinger Positive Temperature Anomalies in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary during Blob and El Nino years
2:20 PM Valerie Cleland Mary Baker Oil Exports Capstone
2:35 PM Ian Hanna Mary Baker Oil Exports Capstone
3:00 PM Emily Crigler Eddie Allison Subcontracting on the Sea: Charter Arrangements in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean
3:20 PM Karen Villeda Eddie Allison Towards an Inclusive FIP model
3:40 PM Thao Huynh Eddie Allison Improving the Sustainability of Sablefish Aquaculture via Testing Methodlogy for Reproductive Sterilization
4:00 PM Lily Zhao Eddie Allison Tracking the trade of octopus in East Africa and onto the global market


May 18
FRIDAY Advisor/Committee Title
11:20 PM Alex Gustafson Cleo Woelfle-Erskine Visualization and analysis of the Salmon Creek watershed for resource managers and community outreach
1:00 PM Allie Brown Marc Miller Conservation Communication and Photography:
Conversations with Marine Conservation Photographers
1:20 PM Bryan Pelach Marc Miller Beach Town Tourism: The Smooth and Striated Dynamics of Pacific Beach, California
1:40 PM Kanae Komaki Co-chairs. Dave Fluharty/John Delaney Recommendations for the enviornmental monitoring system of deep seabed mining in the areas beyond national jurisdiction
2:00 PM Lange Solberg Sunny Jardine The effects of dual permit regulation on limited entry salmon permit prices in the Bristol Bay sockeye fishery
2:20 PM Diana Perry Sunny Jardine A Statistical Analysis of the Impacts of Management Decisions on Catch in the West Coast Commercial Dungeness Crab Fishery
2:40 PM Kiersten Dallstream Patrick Christie and Sunny Jardine Preliminary Feasibility Assessment of the Economic Performance of Utility-Scale Solar Photovoltaics at the Tulalip Tribe’s “Big Flats” Superfund Site
3:00 PM Nyssa Baechler Ryan Kelly Do smolt data improve adult sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) forecasting models in the Chignik Management Area?