Why people matter in ocean governance

Professor Patrick Christie and co-authors recently published a paper in Marine Policy titled “Why people matter in ocean governance: Incorporating human dimensions into large-scale marine protected areas.” The paper draws on the results of a global “Think Tank on the Human Dimensions of Large Scale Marine Protected Areas” (LSMPAs) that included representatives from 17 countries and a variety of organizations such as government agencies, non-governmental organizations, academia, professionals, industry, cultural/indigenous leaders and LSMPA site managers. The primary goal of the think tank was to be proactive in understanding the issues and developing best management practices and a research agenda that addressed the human dimensions of LSMPAs. The group identified best management practices for the human dimensions of LSMPAs and discussed future directions in researching and incorporating human dimensions into LSMPAs design and management, reflected on this global effort to co-produce knowledge and re-orient practice on the human dimensions of LSMPAs, and invited others to join a nascent community of practice on the human dimensions of large-scale marine conservation.

Read the entire paper here.