The latest articles from SMEA faculty

Congratulations to SMEA Professors Eddie Allison and Terrie Klinger who had papers that were recently published in Ecology and Society, and Elementa respectively.

Professor Allison and his co-author’s paper “A comparative appraisal of the resilience of marine social-ecological systems to mass mortalities of bivalves“, published in Ecology and Society, analyzes six commercial bivalve industries affected by mass mortalities using I-ADApT, a decision support framework to assess the impacts and consequences of these perturbations on the natural, social, and governing systems, and the consequent responses of stakeholders to these events. The authors propose a multidimensional resilience framework to assess resilience along the natural, social, and governing axes and to compare adaptive responses and their likelihood of success.

Professor Klinger and her co-author’s paper “Using integrated, ecosystem-level management to address intensifying ocean acidification and hypoxia in the California Current large marine ecosystem“, published in Elementa, argues that changes occurring in the California Current large marine ecosystem provide opportunities and incentives to adopt an integrated, systems-level approach to resource management to preserve existing ecosystem services and forestall abrupt change using practical options that already exist to maximize the benefits of management actions and ameliorate impending change in the California Current.