Successful Establishment of Territorial Use Rights for Fisheries

SMEA affiliate professor Dr. Amber Himes-Cornell and alumna Kathryn (Katy) Dalton, along with co-authors Juan Francisco Lechuga Sánchez and Rebecca Metzner of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization collaborated to publish a review on the enabling conditions necessary to ensure successful establishment of territorial use rights for fisheries (TURFs). Allocating or recognizing fishing tenure rights via TURFs can lead to a wide array of social, economic, and ecological responses, both positive and negative. As such, the authors reviewed the available literature in order to shed light on what conditions support positive social impacts in communities where TURFs are employed or introduced. Nine enabling conditions were identified, including factors such as trust and the participation of younger generations. These conditions can be applied across fishery contexts in order to improve community outcomes in the face of TURF management interventions. The review is titled, “Positive social transformations of coastal communities: what conditions enable the success of territorial use rights for fishing?” and was published in the journal Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability.