Coastal Resilience and securing sustainable small-scale fisheries: Allison’s Latest Articles

Professor Eddie Allison was a co-author on two recently published articles. “Adaptive capacity: from assessment to action in coastal social-ecological systems,” published in Ecology and Society, draws on case studies of coastal communities from around the globe, describing and comparing 11 approaches that are often used to study adaptive capacity of social and ecological systems in the face of social, environmental, and climatic change. Overall, although sustainability science holds a promise of providing solutions to real world problems, they found that too few assessments seem to lead to tangible outcomes or actions to foster adaptive capacity in social-ecological systems.The authors recommend that more attention be given to integrated social-ecological assessments and that greater effort be placed on evaluation and monitoring of adaptive capacity over time and across scales.

In his other article “Conservation and the right to fish: International conservation NGOs and the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries,” published in Marine Policy, Allison and his co-authors suggest that international conservation NGOs may be well placed to facilitate implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries (SSF-Guidelines) and offer a detailed proposal for how conservation NGOs can become more involved in implementing the SSF-Guidelines.

Congratulations Professor Allison on these latest publications!