Lekelia (Kiki) Jenkins, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Research areas

Kiki Jenkins is a marine conservation scientist who searches for creative solutions to problems in marine systems, as well as ways to promote sustainable resource use. In particular, she looks for ways to reduce the unintentional catch of non-target marine species through technological innovation, and she is especially interested in the ways that involving local fishers and other stakeholders can develop new techniques. She is committed to public outreach, having written for the New York Times about her field site in Ecuador. For her work, and as a show of her promise as a young researcher, Jenkins was named an Alfred P. Sloan Fellow in 2013. Dr. Jenkins received her Ph.D. in Marine Conservation from Duke University.

Dr. Jenkins teaches:

  • SMEA 103: Society and the Oceans
  • SMEA 502: Decision Making and Action Taking in Marine Affairs
  • SMEA 581: Case Study Methods: Living Resource Management

Selected publications

Kowalski, A; Strub, A; Jenkins, L.D. (in prep). Derelict Fishing Gear Catch Rates in the U.S. Fisheries.

Jenkins, L.D. (in prep). Improving the invention of bycatch reduction devices: lessons learned from the development of turtle excluder devices and dolphin conservation technologies. Biological Conservation.

Senko, J.; Jenkins, L.D.; Peckham, S. H., (submitted). At loggerheads over international bycatch: insights from the first nation identified for bycatch under the Magnuson-Stevens Act. Conservation Letters.

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Kowalski, A. and Jenkins, L.D. (submitted). The role of bridging organizations in environmental management – Examining social networks in working groups. Ecology and Society.

Jenkins, L.D. (2015). From conflict to collaboration: The role of expertise in fisheries management. Ocean & Coastal Management. 103:123-133

Deighan, L and Jenkins, L.D. (2015). Fishing for recognition: Understanding the use of NGO guidelines in fishery improvement projects. Marine Policy. 51:476–485

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Jenkins, L.D. and Garrison K. 2013. Fishing Gear Substitution to Reduce Bycatch and Habitat Impacts: An Example of Social-Ecological Research to Inform Policy. Marine Policy. 38: 293-303.

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