Faculty active in this research area:

Professor Emeritus Marc Miller

Please see individual faculty web pages for more about their work in this area.

Related SMEA courses:

  • SMEA 485: Pacific Recreation and Tourism Issues.
  • SMEA 512: Interviewing Methods and Environmental Topics
  • Students may supplement this with courses from other departments as well as independent study and thesis research.

Examples of what MMA students do in this research area:

  • examine the ways in which marine recreation and tourism link people to one another and their environment
  • analyze the challenges and opportunities associated with marine tourism from sociological and ethnographic perspectives
  • consider the implications for marine recreaction of globalization, environmental change and cultural diversity
  • understand the actors in tourism and recreation governance
  • study various aspects of coastal leisure, from travel to play to sports and recreation

Examples of related MMA student theses:

  • Boyes, Kayla. 2016. Applying Wildlife Conservation Tourism to Marine Endangered Species: Identifying Indicators for Triple Bottom Line Sustainability.
  • Szymanowicz, Matthew. 2016. Merging Paradigms: A Framework for Meeting the Goals of Sustainable Development and Corporate Sustainability for Cruise Industry Firms.
  • Barnes-Crouse, Celeste. 2019. Whale Watching in the Salish Sea: A Case Study of On-board Interpretation and Willingness to Protect the Marine Environment.
  • Misra, Manjari. 2020. Experiencing Tentacle Difficulties? SWOT it Out! A SWOT Analysis on the Giant Pacific Octopus Marine Conservation Tourism Programs at the Seattle Aquarium.


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