SMEA is proud to have strong ties to other UW departments through our Joint and Adjunct faculty, outside institutions and organizations through our Affiliate faculty, to promising post-doctoral fellows, and of our esteemed Emeriti and Retired faculty. Please find their names and contact information below.

Joint Faculty:

Name Title Home Department Email
Allen, Craig Professor UW School of Law

Adjunct Faculty:

Name Title Home Department Email
Parrish, Julia Professor and Assoc. Dean Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences/CoEnv Dean’s Office
Ryan, Clare Professor Forestry and Environmental Sciences/Program on the Environment

Affiliate Faculty:

Name Title Organization Email
Aron, William Affiliate Professor
Baker, Mary Affiliate Associate Professor NOAA, Office of Response & Restoration, Northwest Great Lakes Region
Bryant, Beth Affiliate Assistant Professor
Copping, Andrea Affiliate Associate Professor Pacific Northwest National Labs
Dicks, David Affiliate Associate Professor Tatoosh Law and Policy Group
Hass, Todd Affiliate Assistant Professor Puget Sound Partnership, Marine and Nearshore Special Projects
Haynie, Alan Affiliate Professor NOAA, National Marine Fisheries Service, Alaska Fisheries Science Center
Himes-Cornell, Amber Affiliate Assistant Professor Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Fisheries and Aquaculture Department, Policy, Economics and Institutions Branch (FIAP)
Laschever, Eric Affiliate Associate Professor
Newton, Jan Affiliate Assistant Professor UW Applied Physics Laboratory
Pavia, Robert (Bob) Affiliate Associate Professor Genwest Systems, Inc.
Pollnac, Richard Affiliate Professor University of Rhode Island, Department of Marine Affairs
Secord, David Affiliate Associate Professor Barnacle Strategies
Snover, Amy Affiliate Associate Professor UW Climate Impacts Group and Office of the Dean
White, Alan Affiliate Professor Sustainable Ecosystems Advanced (SEA) Project

Emeritus Faculty:

Name Title
Duxbury, Al Associate Professor Emeritus
Huppert, Dan Professor Emeritus
Leschine, Tom Professor Emeritus

Retired Faculty:

Name Title Email
Kaczynski, Vladimir Associate Professor (WOT)

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