Please click on the titles below to visit these helpful web sites:

UW Graduate School Admissions Procedures and Requirements

Graduate Admissions Office
(206) 543-5929

International Graduate Student Application Procedures and Requirements

Graduate Admissions Office
International Student Advisors
(206) 543-5929

UW Minority Graduate Recruitment and Assistance

GO-MAP Office
(206) 543-9016

Requirements for Washington State Residency

Please contact Residency Office

Graduate Appointee (RA/TA) Insurance

General Information about the University and its Campus

UW Visitor’s Information Center
(206) 543-9198

On-campus Housing

Housing and Food Services
(206) 543-4059

On-campus housing options for graduate students are plentiful and varied. Housing & Food Services (HFS) offers a wide range of options for graduate students, whether single or married, with or without children.

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