currents-200x200Currents is a student-run blog dedicated to sharing timely and relevant discussions of pressing environmental issues, particularly in regards to marine and coastal systems and the interactions between humans and nature. We aim to inform, inspire and incite dialogue on topics that affect society and the world around us both directly and indirectly. In doing so, we place value on accessibility to the broader public, diversity of perspectives, recognition of the complex nature of these issues, and challenging our own and others’ views.

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Kelly Martin 

Twitter: @kelly_m_martin


Northern Californian raised in the Pacific, trained in the tropics.

Happiest underwater, but eating tacos, drinking beer, and listing to music are close seconds.

Thinks nature is pretty neat, and that understanding is the key to protecting it.

Spencer Showalter

Twitter: @spencerseas

Managing Editor

A NorCal native who has moved north in a desperate search for rain.

Comes with a giddy love of the outdoors, an inability to refrain from jumping into nearby bodies of water, and a large mug of tea.

Ready to share her love of the ocean with anyone who will listen.

Celeste Barnes-Crouse

Twitter: @oceansarecool

Social Media Coordinator

Originally from the Great White North but has ventured slightly south (Victoria, BC —> Seattle, WA).

Aspiring marine conservation hero.

On a mission to meet every good dog out there.

Catch her on a rainy day cozying up with a cup of tea.

Jessica Knoth

Twitter: @jessica_knoth

Creative Director

That PNW girl who thinks exploring with her pup is what sunny days are for.

Rescuer of frogs from pools and spiders from basements.

Better with words than numbers, and best at wine.

Will use any excuse to talk about killer whales.

Former aspiring dolphin trainer turned science communicator.

Ashely Bagley

California and Washington have her heart.

Aspiring birder, land-based whale watcher, and happy ostreaphile.

Prefers to spend her weekends in the mountains or along the coast.

A citizen scientist always on the prowl for more ecosystem restoration opportunities.

Henry Bell

Minnesotan that doesn’t play hockey because he’s originally from Kentucky.

Didn’t get a real job after graduating from college.

Instead, sailed the seven seas, filmed an environmental documentary, and learned how to make damn good rum drinks.



Dave Berndtson

Chicago native, but lived in Maine and Virginia before relocating to Washington.

Top five favorite things in the universe: music, dogs, saving the oceans, canoeing, and cancelling plans.


Colin Bowser

Native of NorCal, but lived across the country before landing in Washington.

Drawn to any outside environment, especially the ocean and coast.

Hike it in, then pack it out, by foot, boat, or plane.

Learning how to fuse science with people and their environments.


Angela Cruz

Cried tears of joy when the Chicago Cubs won the world series.

Successfully tripped and fell in the river during every survey for salmon in California.

On a personal vendetta to reduce plastic consumption.

Entranced by coelacanths at the age of 10 and never looked back.

Cori Currier

East coast beach kid in love with west coast mountains.

Enjoys talking to strangers, fiddling with the ukulele, and donning sea creature costumes.

Enthusiastic about cold water snorkeling.

Striving to protect coastal ecosystems and support environmental justice.

Katy Dalton

Hailing from Alaska, knows what it means to be from the “real” PNW.

Often more comfortable on water than on land, and much prefers the cold to the heat.



Charlotte Dohrn

Seattle native returning home after an extended California getaway.

Usually biking around town, has mixed feelings on rain pants.

Passionate about coastal life and seeking solutions both local and global.



Sam Farquhar

Aspiring scientist, humanitarian, and ambassador.

Likes coffee black and popcorn with hot sauce.

Likes chess but isn’t good at it.

World peace through healthy oceans.


Lou Foristall

Midwest native in love with the Northwest.

Graduated law school, but wasn’t done learning.

Passionate about food and where it comes from.



Brittany Hoedemaker

Seattle area native blissfully reunited with the rain after a 6-year hiatus in California.

Often found sipping tea, dogspotting (it’s a sport), and watching Parks & Rec or Harry Potter.

Happiest when getting others excited about sharks or climate science!


TJ Kennedy

Virginia native excited to be back on the West Coast.

Warm weather lover fascinated by the science of the Arctic.

Hopefully not the only country music fan in Seattle.

Let’s all save the whales and go scuba diving.


Sallie Lau

Feminist scientist, noob photographer, proud Hong Konger.

Matcha, hojicha, oolong enthusiast.

Likes reading newsletters, historical fiction, and angsty sports manga.

Currently thinking a lot about metropolis planning and democratic society.


Susannah Maher

PNW native, will swap hiking spots with anyone standing still for too long.

Avid dog petter.

Passionate about the ocean and the people who depend on them.

Dumb hill she’d die on: Umbrellas are stupid- just deal with wet hair.


Manjari Misra

American-Born Confused Desi (ABCD) and Water-nut (Scuba certified and all).

Wildlife conservation enthusiast (and eager to get other people to become the same) and in love with all entities that are not human (extant and extinct).

An avid reader and secretly writes prose inspired by nature.


Karin Otsuka

Oahu to Miyakojima (Okinawa, Japan) to Washington.

Apparently obsessed with the Pacific Ocean, but who isn’t? If you aren’t, that’s okay too, but maybe just think about it?

Avid hiker, doggo lover, Asian marine debris collector, and earl grey sipper.

Prefers hanging with critters and contemplating life (more like plastic pollution solutions) in isolation amongst the evergreens over human interactions (just introvert things).

Megan Plog

Texan-turned-Seattleite who loves all grey everything.

Hard core chicken mom, napper, back-packer, and an enthusiastically average climber.

Loves beer, mountains, and coffee.

Hates gentrification and environmental injustice.

Priscilla Rivas

Upstate New York to Miami (Go Canes!) to Seattle (Go Dawgs!)

Enjoys dogs, yoga, hiking, chai tea, and quoting The Office.

Passionate about ocean conservation, education, and donuts.



Marlena Skrobe

Brooklynite at heart, but has lived and loved New Jersey, Miami, and now Seattle.

Has been working behind the camera for over seven years, but will happily put down the camera to talk to anyone she meets.

Hearing stories is her all-time favorite activity.

No matter how hard you try to convince her otherwise, Brooklyn pizza and bagels will always be superior.

Ian Stansfield

PNW local with no intention of moving away any time soon.

Slapdash interests and hobbies.

Was going to be an experimental researcher until he realized he likes talking about research results more than actually getting them.


Alex Sweetser

Long lost Seattleite returning home after a long spell out east and love affair with California.

Unable to resist his continual wanderlust and sense of adventure.

Loves learning about what connects people to the places they’re from.

Always chasing never-ending knowledge.

Alex Tellez

Virginia native, underwater enthusiast, aspiring dog owner.

Family fed up with plastic pollution debate, need a new audience.

Can’t be a dolphin so will settle for saving them.



Zoe Van Duivenbode

Tide pool enthusiast – invertebrates are my jam.

Enjoys long runs with Otis the goldendoodle.

Thinks art is the best form of communication.

The time is now for science communicators!

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